Suit Follows Suspension For 5-Year-Old Swearing

17 Mar

A father in Rogers, Ark. is suing his school district and the school principal after his 5-year-old son was suspended for dropping “The F-Bomb” at school.

Your kid being “the kid” who teaches his schoolmates some new colorful language is every parent’s fear.

Still, the suspension, and mark on the student’s permanent record, seems excessive. Suing the principal and the school district over a one-day suspension also seems equally excessive.

Certainly, threats and bullying should not be tolerated even in young children. But swearing isn’t necessarily a threat.

I also hope the father spoke to school officials and the principal to share his concerns before filing a suit.

The idea of a 5-year-old really even having a permanent record seems pretty silly. Are colleges really going to be looking at his transcript from kindergarten?

As parents, we need to hold other parents and school officials accountable for things that really matter. But we also need to cut each other some slack when young children show poor judgement.

Neither school officials or the boy’s father seem to be setting the best example in exercising reasoned judgment. The suspension and the lawsuit both are examples of the punishment not fitting the crime.

What do you think of the story?

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