Michelle Duggar: Resentment Turns To Shared Sorrow

25 Jan

My family can’t be the only fertility challenged family to look at Michelle Duggar as a polarizing figure. She’s got 19 kids. We can’t even have our second. I know a lot of couples who aren’t blessed with one.

Sometimes my wife seemingly tortures herself. This fall, when we found out we had fertility problems in addition to our CF genetic problems, after our second IVF session, she spent a lot of time watching ’19 Kids and Counting’

The show chronicles a family where Michelle stays home with over a dozen of the kids in what more traditional parents might see as unsupervised chaos. Basically, the older children are relied on to watch the younger kids. We wouldn’t consider a preschool with a 1:19 student to teacher ratio. The Duggars have this at their house.

It would be impossible for me to watch without resentment and anger at the universe.

Still, we took news of her miscarriage in December hard in my house. Suddenly she became a lot more human and my thoughts and prayers go out to her and the Duggar family.

This blog is the first I’m really talking about our miscarriage, about six months removed from it. I can’t imagine having an article about your family’s miscarriage in People magazine. I can’t imagine my name being a Google trend while I’m grieving.

I imagine whether you have 19 kids or one, the process is the same. You thank a higher power for  the child/children you do have, hold them extra tight and try to move your family forward.

One Response to “Michelle Duggar: Resentment Turns To Shared Sorrow”

  1. Songbird_mama February 21, 2012 at 1:06 am #

    Jim, I really hear you on this one. I feel this grief to my core.

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